Introduction to Faraway Fiction

I decided to write an introductory blog post to Faraway Fiction to introduce myself and explain why I decided to start a blog. I will discuss a bit more about me, why I chose my blog name, why I decided to blog and my hope for Faraway Fiction.

About me:

I’m a storyteller at heart and I love to tell enticing, funny and haunting stories. Ever since I was little I loved to hear a great story, I mean who doesn’t? I find no greater pleasure than drinking tea, eating (too much) chocolate and reading a book. Which is why I studied English, literature and publishing in college. Without doubt college was the best four years of my life but I won’t get ahead of myself, I have just graduated and I’m still 22.

At present, I work as a publisher in Dublin but my future plans involve travel, writing and a lot of reading. If I had to say what my ideal 10-year plan would be, it would probably go something like this: travel a lot; study a PhD in literature of course, probably teen literature; work as either an editor or marketer for a big publishing company in the YA division; and write.

I’m a dog person through and through. Dedicated tea drinker. Terrified of snakes *haunting shiver down spine. Addicted to chocolate, I know this for a fact because I tried to detox from chocolate once, worse decision ever. Favourite movie: Sweet Home Alabama. All-time favourite book: Pride and Prejudice. Favourite children’s author: Roddy Doyle. Favourite restaurant: Boojum.

Name choice:

Oh, the name choice, this was a difficult one! In the early stages of my blog I was going to write book reviews (yep my plan was to write about ALL books) and travel reviews. So, I wanted a name that would reflect both reading and travelling – oh and I was slightly obsessed with alliteration too. Originally, I was thinking along the lines of Paper Planes but thought that was too ambiguous (lets be fair, that could be anything).

I was really trying to stay away from “reads” “book” or “blog” in the title as there are so many blogs out there with those names and I didn’t want to add another to the mix. So, I was thinking more along the lines of “fiction” and “paper”. Eventually, I decided on Faraway Fiction for two reasons: when I read I always end up somewhere else, in the future, on a spaceship, in a different country, basically somewhere faraway; and because I mostly enjoy reading fiction. Ta-Dah!

I also wanted a name that I could use on Instagram and Twitter and everything I was considering was either not available on WordPress or a social media platform. . . until I decided on Faraway Fiction, which to my surprise was available on all three platforms – I took that as a sign.

Why another book blog:

Now before you say anything, I know, I know, why another book blog? I am well aware that there are so many blogs out there already, so why would I even entertain the notion of starting one too. Well, why the hell not? You should always be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. I love reading and why shouldn’t I share my passion just because other bloggers have bet me to it. I thought about this carefully – for a while actually – and I really believe I have something to add, which is why I started Faraway Fiction. I will review young adult and new adult books, while also blogging about the world of literature.  I have a couple of reviews up so far, because I didn’t want to launch a blog with absolutely no posts, but the plan is to add to them fairly rapidly.

Aims of Faraway Fiction:

I’m going to be honest here, I am really passionate about YA literature and this is something I wish to study further. My plan is to either work in research or publishing and blogging will give me additional experience in writing and critically analysing texts. Although, that is only one of my aims here are more:

  • To have fun. I love to write and read, my soul purpose of blogging is to enjoy it.
  • I often read book blogs looking for my next read and without their opinions, insight and comments I would be lost in a sea of great books. I hope my blog will give readers guidance on great, and not so great books.
  • Develop skills. I hope to meet other bloggers, to hear their story on how they got started, share tips and improve my skills as a writer.

Eventually, I hope to host giveaways, as a thank you to my followers. However, I am aware that the first 6 – 12 months of blogging is difficult. So, my six-month plan is to read one to two books weekly and post at least one review/post on my blog. Hopefully, around Autumn of this year, I may receive a couple of advance reader copies from publishers to keep me on top of the book blogger game. I am also partaking in #bookstagram on Instagram; even though I haven’t really found my typical theme yet, I am getting there.

Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction, feel free to drop by anytime!



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