Review Policy

Book Review

I review young adult (and new adult) literature in all genres; though, I have a particular interest in dystopian, fantasy, and feminism. My posts relate to book reviews, author Q&A’s, features, recommendations or discussions.

Each book review includes a rating, publication date and book blurb. I would be very grateful to accept books from authors and publishers for an honest review. For convenience, I have a home address in Ireland and a provisional address in the UK where I can accept review copies.

I am keen to host as many giveaways as I can.

5 stars –  It was amazing. Couldn’t put it down and would highly recommend it.

4.5 stars –  I loved it. Brilliant writing and original.

4 stars –  I really liked it. Overall very well written and a great premise.

3.5 stars –  I liked it. A good read but lacked a special quality.

3 stars – It was good. Not necessarily disappointed by it but not impressed either.

2.5 stars –  It was average.

2 stars –  It was okay. Mainly disappointing, could be much better.

1.5 stars –  It was bad. Poorly written.

1 star –  It was terrible. Would not recommend.

0.5 stars –  Don’t even bother!